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Images mean business and images of your line in a catalogue  are very important business!

The deal: (limited time)

10 am to 2 pm in the studio.

1 model, hair & MU included . (Below)

Pro photographer, Camera, Lighting.

Unlimited 100 mb each photos.

+Free Video clips.

$699. + tax 

Videos can be of many items and themes or separate products to demonstrate their unique characteristics.

Add your videos to web pages, YouTube & Instagram promotions and trade-shows.

Models available at  casting January 4 2019. We must reconfirm for your shoot.

We also help models get stand out portfolio images and videos. Clients will also get to see you on my page and my be interested in you for their next project.

Book a Mississauga studio photo and video session for $249.00.

The way this works is I prepare photos that commercial clients can understand. You have a nice collection of pics on your IG but they are more tailored to friends and acquaintances. A commercial designer or importer does not have the time to share your selfies and private moments. They have one goal, to sell clothes. They want to know how you display THEIR clothes. The better you look like you can display their product the better your chances are of being hired! They are in it for profit. I speak their language and know what they want. The difference in pics from your IG and what the clients want to see is like the difference between looking at a person standing at a bus stop in front of you  and seeing a person at a bus stop but you are sitting in a car going fast past them. The same girl, same bus stop but totally different. You will now have commercially acceptable pics and a video! I will post some on my page and you can reply to ads on your own now.  I may hire you or the clients might hire you directly.

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