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Welcome to the easy to understand version of a few hallowed subjects that many have claimed to be to difficult to manage the extreme learning curve.

This stuff is not that difficult but is wrought with so called experts and wannabes who really don’t know. There are also real experts who have diplomas from fancy universities who really know but know way too much and that keeps them from answering a simple question or performing a simple task  with out performing  a complicated analyzation.

You may be someone who wants to do something using these “Black Arts” but don’t want to understand their square root.

I have worked this industry for more than 20 years and know how to get things done. There are many ways to get the job done.  For me having 100 jewellery shots prepared for the Ritchies Auction in 3 days or 225 fashion outfits casted, shot and photoshopped in 3 days as well is normal work flow. I don’t fiddle with processes which are time consuming, risky or downright useless.

I can show you some steps to help your presentation, logo or even your new product catalogue under way in no time.

Photography including live Fashion Shoots Still and Video

We will meet at a location and shoot a model with still shots and video. Many cameras and phones do both. The locations at this time are Burlington, Milton and Mono Park near Orangeville. There is also a studio but this time of year its best to shoot out doors. I will provide instruction and models. 

Video and Editing

We will go through the steps of planning, shooting and editing a video. You can now create dazzling videos for Google ads or Facebook.

Web Sites

You will go through the step by step basics of building a WordPress web site. You can then modify it for whatever service or product including e commerce.

Google Ads

If you haven’t already, sooner or later you will be stepping into the Google Ad world. Its not so scary. I will show you how to tame it and work for you.

Photoshop and Retouching

There are free image editing software downloads out there. I only use Adobe Photoshop and will show you how it works, basically. It is a HUGE program that I even don’t know all of it. But I know the basics and then some which is all my clients and I have ever needed.

Online Instruction – Group or Private

You will be instructed either in a group or privately by telephone or  shared screen on computer at a pre determined time. Prices range from C$25. per hour depending on what we cover.

Please leave a note in the form below or send and email describing what you are interested in accomplishing and I can better give you availability and a price.

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