You can now shoot or buy your own video footage and leave the editing to us. We can mix footage of phones and cameras. Just let us know the size you want it and if you want it horizontal, vertical or square. We can even match your special ratio if you have one. You video can be made small so it can be played on your web site or it can be made full size and hosted on YouTube or Vimeo from $5.00 per cut. Everything done online.


This Fashion video with added stills has free music added and is hosted on YouTube.

This Mini Video Ad demo is self hosted on this website with no need to go through YouTube or Vimeo. It has a professional voice over artist speaking.

Industrial videos can be made by your own personnel then finished by us.

New product videos can be made by yourself and voice overs and music added.

Feature videos are possible with window cut-ins, voice overs, sound effects and music as on this ASMR video

Videos can also be assembled with professional voice actors and custom music.

Customized graphics can be created and added as well as your own music or in this case free online music.

Tic Toc has a demanding audience requiring high speed cuts that work. We also have an assortment of Stock Footage to help fill out your sequence.