Videos for Cinemagraphics

An animated GIF –¬†graphic interchange format

Part picture, part video.

A new type of photograph mixing the virtues of the still photo, where digital editing can still be easily done, and the motion of video.

Great for social media sites and Web.

We can supply video for you to create your own Cinemagraphic from your own photos.

Or we can create your Cinemagraphic for you using our videos and your own pictures.

To buy a Cinemagraphic and or Stock videos range from only CDN $5. to $49. + tax

 Watermark and time code removed.

We have many videos that suit themselves well to Cinemagraphics. We also have a selection of Stock videos with fully releases models, forests, fields and water.  Click below to see all the video selections including Cinemagraphics.

What types of videos would you like to see more of? Send us a note and we will try to create some in your subjects.

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