You have a DSLR camera and are ready to take some great pictures. You can use different types of cameras such as cell phones if you want to enjoy learning aspects of lighting and composition but the context of information provided will be based on a DSLR. I live in Burlington ON but do most of my photo training safaris in the Milton and Orangeville areas.

You might want to mix some video into it. 

We offer a One Year Membership which has:

  • Up to 10 emails or chats per month +
  • Up to 5 phone calls per month +
  • 2 screen shares (~20 min ea.) per month
  • In any of these we can discuss basic photography and or video all the way up advanced techniques.
  • We may if you want – dive into Photoshop for photos and/or Premier Pro for videos.
  • We will always include storage information for photos and videos.

Pricing for the One Year membership is C$119.99 by e-transfer or C$129.99 by credit card.

Additional services include hands on camera training in photo safaris and are available at an extra cost. Talented Models can be provided.

We can also help you get started on your own website that you can run on your own.

We also offer Drone Buddy which helps you learn about flying drones. You can see more about Drone Buddy on our www. Falcon site or click the green box below. 

You can pay for Camera Buddy by sending $119.00 by e-transfer to or click the green “store” button below to pay $129.99 + tax by credit card or Pay Pal.